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Oregon Sunstone Gem Value. 2021

The following estimated value of the Oregon Sunstone was copied from the IGS. ( International Gem Society). Our opinion is that these estimates of value are based on the assumption that the faceted Gems meet a high standard of Cut, Clarity, and Color that would be defined as excellent in each stone. They are not referring to stones with cracks, chips, or poor color, and cut. Sometimes these 4 C's are called AAA, or Flawless, or near Flawless, and even sometimes as eye clean. The IGS is a respected Gemological group, and we accept their estimates of value based on these sets of criteria.

IGS- ( International Gem Society )

"Pale yellow to colorless, non-phenomenal Oregon sunstones, whether native cut or calibrated stones, may go for a few dollars per carat to $20 per carat for a custom cut.

Pinks and tans, with and without schiller, commonly range up to $50 per carat, depending on the effect. Opaque cab-type stones are modestly priced. Some greens, strong pinks, and reds, as well as bicolored and tricolored stones, with and without schiller, range from $50 to $300 per carat.

Large stones (over three carats) with an intense red color may retail for as much as $1,700 per carat. The best greens are very rare and may cost more than the best reds."

Please note that the Oregon Sunstones on our Website do not reflect the estimates of value by the IGS. Our prices would much more accurately be described as "wholesale." We can do this because we do not own a brick and motar store that creates tremendous overhead costs that then have to ge passed on to the buying public in order to keep the doors open and the lights on. In other words the public can purchase AAA quality Sunstones without paying retail prices. If buyers have questions on our quality and pricing please feel free to contact us.

Oregon Sunstone Gem Value. 2021