Polyhedroid Agate5

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Item: Polyhedroid Agate
Size: "2 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 1" Inches
Weight: 4.09 Ounces
Color: Banded dark blue, gray, and peach.
Quality: Collector Grade AA
Polish: Mirror Image
Source: Brazil
Treatment: Absolutely none 100% Natural


The fame of the Polyhedroid agate is legendary. Found in Brazil in the 1970's, the location was quickly mined out, and never again has a polyhedroid been found any place on the planet. All that are available are in existing collections. The Poly's are hard to polish, because of their various planes of host rock, and more often than not the backside will not be perfect, and the geode openings will many times go like a tunnel through the Agate. To find one with good size and perfect host is really rare, and those stones often will sell for a small fortune. This one is very nice with a nifty band and dark blue color. Our price is good, and an agate collection is not complete without a poly in it. We do have this one and others on our site, so please take a tour. We promise it will be worth seeing. Thank you for visiting our website.

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