Oregon Opal 2.16 Carat - Sold

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Item: Oregon Opal
Size: 10 mm Round - 5 mm depth.
Weight: 2.16 Carat
Color: Golden Sunset
Clarity: Flawless
Cut: Fancy Round Brilliant
Quality: AAA - Plus
Quantity: 1 Opal
Source: Opal Butte- Oregon USA
Treatment: Absolutely none- 100% Natural


This is one of a small amount of Oregon Sunstones found in a pocket when the famous Opal Butte mine in Oregon was open. It has been closed for well over a decade, and has become mostly an elk hunting lodge. This pocket was found in the early 1990's, and have been in a private collection ever since. They are so rare and beautiful that words really can't describe them. This is a rich Golden color and we mean rich. There is maybe a touch of the sunset, but the stone is not Orange. It is right in between a super yellow and orange. It is one of the most incredible Opals we have ever seen, and the color of the two pictures are spot on the color of the stone. It is nuts beautiful. We will never have another one of these, so if you want something rare and special at a super great price then this is an opal to consider.

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