Agua Nueva Agate02

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Item: Agua Nueva Agate
Size: "2 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 2" Inches
Weight: 4.3 Ounces
Color: Pink, Green, Blue, White
Polish: Mirror Image
Cut: Half Nodule with major depth.
Quality: Extremely Good.
Source: Mexico
Treatment: Absolutely None. 100% Natural.


There are lots of words to describe a high quality Agate ranging from Top Shelf, Museum Quality, AAA to Killer Agate. We try and stay a notch under those descriptions, because I have yet to see an Agate that in every way is Perfect. Some probably are, but those words can get over used. This Agate has to be gone over and over again to find any imperfections. To most human eyes it is really top quality, and is one of the best buys that we have on our site. A buyer can't go wrong with this quality and the price. Both are superb. If a buyer has questions on this Agate or any of our many other items please contact us, and we thank you for visiting the site. There is a lot to see if you choose to take a tour. Thank you.

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